MC35 / MC50 / MC70


MC35 / MC50 / MC70

  The MC Middleweight group is composed of the MC35, 50, and 70 robots, each is identical in size with various payloads (35kg, 50kg, 70Kg). Middleweight MC Robots feature a standard IP67 wrist and IP54 body, the robot body can be upgraded to IP67 for applications requiring additional protection.  An IP67 rating makes the MC middleweights an excellent choice for CNC machine tending applications where the robot will be repeatedly exposed to cutting fluids.  High end environmental protection is combined with excellent repeatability of ± 0.07mm and 2050mm of horizontal reach. Extended payload capacity (up to 70Kg / 154Lbs) allows the MC middleweights to carry large parts in demanding high volume applications.  The MC middleweight robots are the best choice for many material handling, machine tending, palletizing, vision, and other robot applications.

 MC35 / MC50 / MC70 General Specifications

MC mid spec


Robot Dimensions and Working Envelope

MC mid envelope


Faceplate Hole Pattern for Mounting End of Arm Tooling

MC mid faceplate


Baseplate Mounting Information and Robot Footprint

MC mid base


Download the MC35 / MC50 / MC70 Brochure


For Detailed Technical Information Download the Complete MC35 / MC50 / MC70 Specification


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